Why Do Men Wear Shorts: The Debate Over Mens Shorts

Now, it may seem confusing why such a question should even be asked in the first place. However, there have been instances in the past years, especially in the internet culture, where men are questioned of their worthiness of wearing shorts. Why not? Are men not allowed to wear shorts? In this article we would be examining why men wear shorts and why men wearing shorts are okay.
Proponents of the question “Why do men wear shorts?” say that grown men are adults and should not be wearing shorts, and that shorts are for children. Critics of the question say that adults are free to wear what they like. To better understand this topic let’s first take a look at the history of Mens shorts.

Western View of Shorts

The western world has viewed shorts with high association with the history of kingdoms, working classes, and the patriarchs. Professor Susan Kaiser of the University of California-Davis explains properly how shorts fits in the western culture.

Professor Kaiser explains that short history was associated with breeches or culottes (worn prior to the French Revolution in 1789). Because of this, shorts were linked with issues of class as well as masculinity. Around that period, only the working classes were the ones wearing pants. Aristocratic and bourgeois men wore breeches/knickers/culottes. After the revolution, long pants began to be worn by men of all classes. Shorts were now limited to be worn by school children, an idea that declined slowly but continued to persist up until the 21st century. It was the idea that young boys would start wearing shorts but while growing up, would need to switch to longer pants. This progression was associated not only with age grades but also with a kind of “flight from femininity” and toward manhood.

With this view of Mens shorts, it can already be understood why some people still think of grown men unworthy of wearing their newly bought Hurly Mens shorts. But of course, time changes. The effects of history towards the association of shorts, children, and grown men, should definitely be challenged today. Fashion changes, very much so. In the start of the 20th century, fashion shifted from what is traditional or cultural to what is more practical.

Speaking of this shift to practicality, why are shorts much better worn today?

A Conclusion of Shorts

A reason for men to wear shorts today is because of the changing climate. The climate is slowly becoming hotter every year. For casual wear, especially in countries with warmer climates, it is only impractical and uncomfortable to wear pants. Shorts help your legs breath. They are the ideal lower clothing for warm weather.

While the shifting cultural landscape, men wearing Hurley Mens shorts should become a normal sight within a few years’ time. Society slowly becomes more aware of taboos and opens their mind to understand that not all taboos are necessarily bad. Some of them are just results of historical conditioning. One of which is that men are allowed to wear shorts.

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