Tips to Care for New Ear Piercing with Diamond Studs for Women

5 Things to Do After a New Ear Piercing

Although ear piercings are much more common than other body piercings, if handled incorrectly, they could lead to infections and other complications. This is why the American Association of Dermatologists recommends that you follow certain steps to ensure a safe and satisfying experience.

The first step in the journey is to pick a trusted studio and an experienced technician. Do your research, ask friends for recommendations and read customer reviews to make an informed decision. Once you’ve finalized where you will get the piercing done, the next step is the pick the right earrings. Since you will be wearing the same earrings for a few weeks after the piercing, it is best to choose hypoallergenic metals like gold or sterling silver. This is why diamond studs are a popular choice of earrings for women.

Once the piercing is done, here’s what you need to do to ensure that your piercing heals well and quickly.

Keep Dirty Hands Away
A new piercing is very susceptible to infections, since it’s like an open wound. Touching your new piercing with unwashed hands will allow the germs and bacteria to enter the skin, causing an infection. If the infection is serious, they might need to shut the piercing before making a new piercing and wait for it to heal completely before making a new piercing. If it is your first piercing, we recommend you get pierced with gold or silver diamond studs for women because these metals are less likely to irritate the skin and allow it to heal properly.

Keep Hair Away
Your hair might get entangled with the new earring, since you aren’t used to wearing earrings. This means that you will need to pull at the new piercing to untangle the hair. This could lead to an injury and infection. It is, therefore, best to keep your hair tied up and away from those beautiful diamond stud earrings till the ears heal completely.

Avoid Premature Earring Removal
Leave the diamond studs in your ears for 6-8 weeks. Women might consider this a very long time not to change earrings. However, it is recommended not to keep taking out and putting on earrings during the healing process. Also, leaving the piercing without earrings could lead to the skin healing over the piercing and closing it.

Wear Earrings Made of Precious Metals
Many times, women compromise by using cheap metals for their ears. However, we recommend you get silver or gold diamond studs for women because not only do they look gorgeous, but they do not interfere with the healing process.

Always Get Pierced by a Professional
Piercings should never be DIY projects or done by a brave friend. Doing so could lead to the piercings being at different levels on the two ears, such that earrings look unbalanced. In the worst case, the piercing might get infected, and you have to bear with a lifelong scar. If it is your first piercing, remember to get it done by an experienced professional, who uses a new sharp, hollow needle that is then discarded in front of you. In case you are planning to get a cartilage piercing, like the helix, make sure it is not pierced using a piercing gun.

You can check out diamond stud earrings for women online to shop for a brand-new collection of earrings for the time when you can change earrings and match them with your outfits. But make sure to shop only at a trusted store that offers easy returns and free shipping.

How Can Facial Gua Sha Transform Your Skin

What Gua Sha manages For Your Skin & Body Gua Sha as pronounced “gwah sah”, when done this facial you’ll feel incredible amazing, and Gua Sha facials and at-home Gua Sha Facial tools are getting more popular than ever, particularly after a year that boom the recognition of jade rollers skyrocket. Know because the Eastern botox, or Eastern facelift for an honest reason, Gua Sha users claim some impressive effects. Even though there aren’t tons of scientific studies examining the consequences and potential benefits of Gua Sha treatments, the anecdotal evidence is convincing, and it’s amazing that the standard practice has been in use for a thousands of years now. The day-to-day stress plays out on our faces as a wrinkled brow or a clenched jaw. Facial Gua Sha can loosen the tensions that our face experience from buildup of stress. Gua Sha also lets the skin to self-hydrate, delivers color, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin throughout with microcirculation. This type of facial treatment enhances the health of your skin and tissues, to seem more firmer, lift and tone the skin while smoothing, plumping, and brightening it for a more radiant, looking young and healthy appearance. Moreover, Gua Sha also can treat acne or congested skin by helping the skin to detoxify. Pairing your treatment with an organic facial oil promotes cooling and draw heat out of inflamed skin. These can be easily purchased from any Australian Vegan skincare Business Doing it more often as daily or maybe two to 3 times every week , can amazingly transform the way you look and feel. In addition to its effects, facial gua sha Australia is deeply relaxing and provides therapeutic treatment for your body and enables lymphatic drainage.
Why Is Lymphatic Drainage Important? It is important since systema lymphaticum may be a vital a part of the system , and systema lymphaticum primary role is to guard the body from outside threats like infections, bacteria, and cancer cells, while balancing the fluid levels of the body. Basically, the systema lymphaticum is that the body’s inner “drainage system,” a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that carry fluids from tissues round the body into the blood and the other way around . Thinking that your blood is that the faucet and your lymph because the drains. When waste particles from the blood are overlarge to be eliminated by your liver, kidneys, or skin, it goes right into your lymphatic vessels. And when those “drains” aren’t moving efficient, sluggishness and illness can occur. Your systema lymphaticum is double the large as your cardiovascular system , while your cardiovascular system has your heart to pump and clean your blood automatically, your lymph has no built-in pump to use. Lymph usually get away physically through massage, exercise, and proper diet.

What Is Gua Sha Gua Sha may be a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, which suggests scraping in Chinese word. it’s also sometimes called as skin spooning or coining. Gua Sha may be a flat, handheld tool, often made from jade or quartz. Applying stress whilst pulling and scraping the pores and skin to stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension, and stimulate healing. If you Google Gua Sha results will show you scary photos showing beet red human backs, which is that the down-and-dirty version of the body Gua Sha massage that’s claimed to interrupt down connective tissue , reduce inflammation, flush fresh blood flow to the skin and muscles, ease tension, and improve joint flexibility. But when Gua Sha used as a facial technique, it’s gentler, and wouldn’t result any bruising or vessel damage.

This ancient technique shows the below Benefits Of Gua Sha: • Break down connective tissue . • Reduce inflammation. • Flush clean blood flow to the pores and skin and muscles. • Release fascia • Help relieve tensions within the jaw (TMJ) • Ward off headaches • Help even out skin tone. • Reduce puffiness via lymphatic drainage. • Clear up acne and rosacea • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. • Improve skin clarity and radiance. • Firming of sagging facial muscles. • Promote lift. • Plump and brighten the skin for a younger and healthy appearance. • Lastly, it’s super relaxing and by the top of a treatment you would possibly start to feel sleepy.

Other Good Surfing Gear To Wear Alongside Your Hansen Surf Mens Shorts

On a visit to any beach you’ll see all beach goers wearing different kinds of beach clothing. Arguably, the one you’ll see most often worn by people are shorts. This piece of clothing has transcended the decades to be the leading fashion choice of thousands, if not millions, of wave and sea enthusiasts.
Regardless of whether you’re an experienced wave-rider or new to this water sport, you should always choose quality clothing such as Hansen surf Mens shorts.


Other bringing and wearing a pair of shorts to the beach, you might also want to bring your own surfboard. After all, where’s the fun in a beach trip if you won’t ride some waves? For beginners, longer boards are the better option because they provide more stability when transitioning between positions.


Though quite small, this piece of surfing accessory could mean life or death in some situations. Wearing a leash that connects you to your board ensures that your board would stay beside you after a big wave swipes you. Keeping your board tied to you also help prevent yourself and someone else get knocked in the head by a surfboard.


Wetsuits are an absolute must for surfers, most especially beginners. It prevents any injuries such as chaffing and skin rashes from happening, and also keeps your body warm for longer in the water.

Wetsuits have more to them than meets the eye. Because wetsuits are usually the second most important surfing gear for beginners, second only to the surfboard itself, let’s take a closer look at the details of wetsuits.

Size – Wetsuits have a variety of sizes, but the majority of them can be classified into four main categories: the light weight, the shorty, the wetsuit top, and the rash guard. The light weight wetsuit is the full body one, better suited for less warmer waters and for absolute beginners in surfing. The shorty, or commonly called springsuits are like light weight suits, only with lesser covers on the limbs. A good selection of springsuits can be found in the O’Neill Mens Springsuits wetsuits collection. The wetsuit top is only the top part of the suit, while rash guards are thin modified shirts that are more suited for swimming and surfing.

Seams – Seams stitching can indicate how watertight the suit can be. There are three common types of stitching, with varying quality – Overlock, Flatlock, Blind stitch – in order of increasing water-tightness.

Thickness – Wetsuit thickness are known through the numbers separated by a slash (/). The first number indicates the suit’s thickness on the torso region, while the latter number is for the limb areas. Wetsuit thickness can give you the idea of what kind of climate that wetsuit is more suited. For example, the thinner O’Neill Mens Springsuits wetsuits are better suited for the sunny climate, while thicker ones are better for colder waters.